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Traditional applicants selection with CVs is a thing of the past. With Applicant AI, you’ll spend 80% less time screening.

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What customers are saying

Blake Moor

We hired 2 people who were pre-selected by AI

We have been using Applicant AI for a month now and it's a gamechanger! We often have hundreds of applications to get through.

The AI features of Applicant AI
saves us countless hours per week, drastically reducing the time it takes us to review candidates.

We hired 2 people who were pre-selected by AI.

We have used other ATS platforms in the past and they all have their shortcomings.
We are happy we found Applicant AI.
Great work!

Blake Moor

Head of Marketing at SideShift

Joseph Ayoub

Applicant AI was better than any recruiter

Applicant AI was better than any recruiter I’ve used in hiring candidates.

The tool is simple, easy to use, and carries with it the brand necessary to
attract good candidates.

Joseph Ayoub

Co-Founder of

Ean Krenzin-Blank

Applicant AI has saved us countless time

Applicant AI has saved us countless time in setting up dozens of interviews and hundreds of applicants.

Applicant AI is a fantastic tool, backed by an even better developer.

Andrey is a legend who will support you on any issue and takes feedback seriously. Suggestions are not only welcomed; they are implemented at lightning speed.

With a solid core functionality, and an active developer, Applicant AI is a perfect ATS to use for managing job applicants!

Ean Krenzin-Blank

Senior Software Engineer at Vali Ventures

Mayank Chhabra

Applicant AI has already been a blessing

Ask any founder, and they'll tell you the biggest time-sink in inbound HR is reviewing hundreds of low-quality applications.

Applicant AI handles this effortlessly.

The AI-generated summaries and ratings give us a quick overview, speeding up our initial review process.

Plus, Andrey is incredibly driven and responsive. He resolves issues within minutes, and implements feedback within hours.

We're really happy to be early-adopters and excited to see this platform evolves!

Mayank Chhabra

Co-Founder and CEO at Umbrel



The total amount of applicants who applied via Applicant AI

Free Applicant Tracking System

Applicant AI offers a free Applicant Tracking System. This fully functional free ATS designed to simplify your hiring proccess.

What you can do with our free ATS

  • Create a company career page with your branding
  • Add jobs
  • Add clarification questions to jobs
  • Create an application form
  • See all your applicants
  • Move applicants to different stages of your hiring pipeline (reject, pre-select, assessment, interview)
  • Send automatic rejection email to applicants that you can customize from a template
  • Invite applicants to an inteview
  • Embed all jobs or individual jobs on your website's career page.

How is Applicant AI compliant with regulation?

Applicant AI assists rather than replaces human decision-making by prioritizing candidates who might be the best fit based on their resumes and cover letters alignment with the job description.

This intention aligns with the AI Act's goal to ensure that AI systems in high-risk areas, like employment, are used in a way that supports human decision-making while minimizing risks of unfair or biased outcomes. This makes it fully compliant with European Union regulation regarding AI.

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eu ai complient
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