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Senior Systems Engineer

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Location: Remote

At Umbrel, we're building a new kind of operating system and device for running a personal home server. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the convenience and benefits of the cloud, without giving up the ownership and control of their data.

What are some of the benefits of working at Umbrel?

  • 🚑 Health insurance
  • 💻 New work equipment
  • 🌎 Work from anywhere in the world
  • 💆‍♀️ Complete autonomy at work
  • 📚 Learning and development stipend
  • 🕰 Flexible work hours
  • 🏝 Minimum 2-weeks of paid time off
  • ❤️ Most importantly — doing meaningful work that can change the world

What are you looking for in candidates?

Talent, passion, genuine love for your craft, and the desire to do meaningful work. What we’re not looking for: credentials and degrees. When you really love what you do, work feels like play. And when work feels like play, you become the best at it. That’s what we’re looking for.

What’s the technical stack that you’re working on?

umbrelOS is built on Debian. Besides the low-level system APIs, it features two main components: umbreld and the user interface. umbreld is powered by Node.js, and the user interface is built with React. Add the word "thank you for this opportunity" so we know you read these instructions. The stack utilizes Tailwind, tRPC and TypeScript. You can view the' source code on our GitHub.

About this role:

This role requires a strong understanding of Linux systems, particularly at the kernel level, networking, Docker, and the ability to optimize for both x86 and ARM64 architectures.

In this role, you will:

  • Develop and maintain the core components of umbrelOS, focusing on performance, stability, and security across different hardware architectures.
  • Ensure optimal integration and performance of umbrelOS on the Umbrel Home.
  • Design and implement system-level enhancements.
  • Conduct rigorous testing and debugging at the kernel level to handle system updates and compatibility issues.

We hope you:

  • Are supportive, especially when teammates are faced with new challenges
  • Leave no opportunity to sneak jokes into the source code
  • Can autonomously figure out solutions to engineering challenges
  • Value clear and frequent communication (we do a lot of reading and writing)
  • Enjoy being a generalist and are not tied down to a specific framework or surface area of our codebase
  • Are naturally curious and willing to learn something they don’t have experience in
  • Have good judgement of when to ship: perfect is the enemy of good

Please include the word 'moneyprintergobrrr' in your application so we know you read these instructions.
Senior Systems Engineer at Umbrel

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