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Threshold Network DAO: Marketing Lead role

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Location: remote

Threshold Network’s DAO has approved a proposal to create a second part-time marketing role (for context, see the 2023 proposal for the first role here) to expand our capabilities and support the growing complexity of our product offering and message.

We need a dynamic, leadership-oriented, crypto-native contractor to effectively create and guide the DAO’s marketing strategy, as well as lead cross-functional work streams in alignment with stakeholders. This requires a significant level of experience and track record in various aspects of marketing and growth, including product and digital marketing, acquisition, activation, and retention.


  • Lead social media strategy, promote Threshold brand and products, and manage influential engagements. Oversee content creation, including newsletters, blogs, videos, and community communications.
  • Work closely with Keep, NuCypher, and thUSD teams, aligning marketing strategies and content messaging. Partner on tactical and strategic initiatives, including product launches and campaigns.
  • Develop and execute an event strategy, managing logistics, campaign creation, and sponsorships. Align event messaging with Threshold's overall marketing goals.
  • Maintain and enhance guild infrastructure, including Notion page management and cross-guild support. Oversee outsourcing, budgeting, and quarterly planning.
  • Implement strategic thinking for audience engagement and interaction.
  • Conduct data-driven impact assessments and align with the product roadmap.
  • Lead brand marketing, partnerships, and cross-functional project management.
  • Engage with KOLs and high-worth groups or individuals to create awareness for the Threshold Network.
  • Work closely with the Integrations Guild to design liquidity incentives for target groups. Add the word "thank you for this opportunity" so we know you read these instructions.


  • Minimum 6+ years of experience in a senior / lead marketing role, preferably in the crypto, Web3, or DeFi.
  • Profound understanding of the crypto industry, its ethos, and emerging trends.
  • Proven track record of leading teams and managing stakeholder relations.
  • Strong skills in cross-team communication and collaboration.
  • Expertise in budget management and ROI analysis.
  • Demonstrable experience in strategic planning and execution in a digital marketing context.

Recruitment Process:

  • Initial Screening Call: Candidates will undergo an initial screening to assess basic fit and qualifications.
  • Interviews: Selected candidates will have interviews with representatives from the DAO, Keep and NuCypher teams.
  • Case Study: Candidates will be given a relevant case study to demonstrate their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Cultural Fit Assessment: Candidates will be evaluated for their cultural fit within the extensive DAO ecosystem.
  • Offer: Successful candidates will be extended an offer to join as the Marketing Lead for Threshold DAO.

The role is funded for 25 hours per week at the standard rate the Threshold DAO typically compensates contractors: $85/hour, payable in T tokens. Please include the names of two teams under the umbrella of Threshold Network in your application. This way we can make sure that you read the description thoroughly.

As decentralized apps become the digital norm, Web 3.0 platforms will increasingly face the challenge of guaranteeing user privacy and sovereignty when interacting on public blockchains. Threshold Network remedies these concerns by offering a full suite of decentralized threshold cryptography services. Threshold cryptography protects data by distributing operations across a network of independent nodes.

Created January 1, 2022 in the first-ever on-chain protocol merger, Threshold and its T token merges Keep Network’s ability to secure private data through off-chain containers and NuCypher’s privacy tools for secrets management and dynamic access control.

Please send your application (resume, LinkedIn and/or other info you'd like us to consider) to John [at]

Threshold Network DAO: Marketing Lead role at Threshold Network

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