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Software Engineer Java

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CheckedSafe is a software platform and has developed several SaaS offerings within the transport, logistics and compliance industries.

Our dedicated team is now providing compliance services across several industries. Founded over 5 years ago, CheckedSafe is a small ( < 10 employees) growing, fully bootstrapped profitable company.

Job Summary

This is a hands-on role for a Software Engineer at CheckedSafe. The position is for a Junior to Mid Developer to work as part of a small focused team to help us continue to deliver industry leading software.

Front End / Mobile Applications
CheckedSafe have multiple mobile applications;

Capacitor (our main compliance application)

Kotlin (Native Android application for Lone Working)

Swift (Native iOS Application for Lone Working)

Web UI - HTML / CSS / Javascript theme running Bootstrap

Back End Services
All of our back end services are Spring Boot Java Apps running Linux 

EC2 instances on AWS Our primary data stores are MySQL (Aurora RDS) and Redis (for session backed storage) CheckedSafe use AWS extensively - Redis / EC2 / Load Balancer / S3 / RDS (Aurora MySql) / Route 53 / SES (simple email service) Continuous Integration using Jenkins and GhostInspector (1,000s of automated tests are triggered and run on each build)

CheckedSafe are not looking for a particular expertise in any one area, developers are involved in all areas, from large new features, to small tweaks, to changes in mobile apps, to streamlining deployments, to handling 3rd line support. This is a role with a huge amount of variety, suiting an all-rounder, someone who is interested in new technologies, changing the way things are done with a willingness and ability to learn and research. Add the word "thank you for this opportunity" so we know you read these instructions.


•    Work from anywhere Flex time, we don’t care where you are, and to a large extent, when you work. (Flexible working and work from anywhere, will suit a self motivated individual who can work without being micromanaged and deliver solid code/work)
•    There will be "required online hours" depending on projects / support requirements
•    Choose your own kit, Windows / Mac and a monitor, you decide (if salaried)
•    25 days holiday (plus bank holidays if resident in UK)
•    Salary up to £60,000 per annum dependent on experience (or equivalent contract rate)
•    Successful appointment can be 1st July onwards (depending on candidate availability)


There will be no coding technical test. Your ability to invert a binary tree will not be tested, nor whether you’ve remembered how to implement a linked list.

This role is an experienced position, and as such, the interview will be a discussion of your previous experience. In the form of a technical discussion about details of your previous role(s), such as:
•    What languages have you used?
•    What frameworks do you know and what do you think of them?
•    What would you do differently from your current project in any subsequent project?
•    What techniques have you used previously, any design patterns?
•    If you had a 2 week deadline to get a “to-do” list app done, what would you use, how would you get it done?
•    What life cycles have you taken a project to? Conception to Deployment and support? Have you worked with large existing codebases?

There is no technical “tick box” of requirements, a degree isn’t mandatory. Look at the stack above, how can your experience and skills be used? The role is open to anyone with more than 2 years of commercial development experience who can demonstrate/articulate they have the skills required
CheckedSafe is a UK based company, fluency in English is a must. If you are resident in the UK this will be an employed salaried position. If you are not resident in the UK, this will be a contract position where monthly invoices will be paid

Annual Salary Range: $50,000 - $80,000 USD

Software Engineer Java at CheckedSafe

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